DPC Capability Statement

The Dhofar Power Company Capability Statement represents a holistic picture of the electricity distribution network operated by Dhofar Power Company S.A.O.C (DPC) in the Dhofar Region; its current status, ongoing expansion and future development plans for the period 2017-2019 reflecting the circuit capacity, forecast of power flows, loading on each part of its Distribution System, and the associated fault levels. The statement also provides information on the anticipated future requirements to manage and/or realise the circuit capacity, optimum connection points, constraints foreseen, progress of on-going investment, and any other information deemed important from the perspective of an existing or potential user of the system.

The Statement provides an overview of DPC’s system, present and future, to a level of detail that is considered to be fit for purpose and suitably balanced. It includes information about the distribution network, its topology including all the components applied and used to develop the distribution system, such as overhead lines, underground cables or power transformers.

The statement dedicates a chapter to provide the Design Philosophies and Practices observed by DPC, reflecting on the Design and Operational Criteria and Technical Standards. Also provided is an overview of the Distribution System in terms of Load Management, Load Profiles, System Losses and Interconnections.

Summary of 2017-2019 Capability Statement

The most recent Capability Statement covers the period of 2017-2019. The headlines of this report are as follows:

  • Design philosophies and practices - General description of design philosophies, technical criteria, standards and interconnection requirements to both consumers and generators;
  • Overview of the distribution system - General description of operating voltages, load profiles and expected evolution, as well as system losses;
  • Medium voltage distribution system - Description of the 33kV and 11kV networks of DPC, including results of load flows and short-circuit calculation at 33kV and 11kV nodes (limited to PSS busbars), with comparisons to equipment ratings and analysis of DSSS compliance.
  • Low voltage distribution system - Description of the low voltage distribution system of DPC, focusing on topology and main characteristics of the existing equipment;
  • Strategic development - Description of the investments planned by DPC to ensure the adequate performance of its network with focus on ensuring security of supply.

The full report can be downloaded here




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