​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How To Read Y​our Bill​​

  1. Customer Details: (Customer name and address).
  2. The account number is the reference number for all the bills that the DPC issues for each client. The account number gives you all the info associated with the bill, like the amounts due, meter readings, the average monthly consumption, or historical bill information, determinations, accruals, disconnection notices, number of actual disconnections, money collected, as well as knowing info about the customer and the clients meter.
  3. It represents the amount due from the client to the company for the consumption of electricity as well as the previous amounts due if found.
  4. It is the payment date assigned by the company to pay the bill whether in the company offices or the banks.
  5. It is amount due for the current consumption period
  6. It represents the actual consumption of electricity in kilowatts for the current period
  7. The amount accumulated on the client that wasn’t paid to the date this bill was issued.
  8. Emergency numbers take phone calls around the clock to process requests related to service disconnections and to receive requests and notification regarding interruptions of electricity from the public network and combustions of electrical equipment and meters.
  9. Consumer segments is the distribution of the amounts consumed to different segments and for each segment a different tariff. If you have difficulty in understanding your electricity bill, please contact us and we will try to help you.
  10. Payment Recepit, to be kept with the customer, it contains all the payment details of an account.

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