Frequently Asked Questions​​

1. How can I apply for an electricity connection?

You can submit a duly filled application form either at any customer service center during business hours (7:30 am - 2:30 pm), or via the company's website.

2.What documents should accompany my application?

In order to have an electricity connection, the subscriber must submit documents including, but not limited, to the building’s kroki, the title deed, a letter of no objection from the municipality, a copy of his/her ID card, and a copy of the license of the electrician installing the connection.

3.How do I access my electricity bill?

Your monthly electricity bill can be obtained from our agents, Oman National Engineering and Investment Company (ONEIC) and Oman Investment and Finance Company (OIFC) at their offices nearest to you. Alternatively, you can download their mobile apps for quicker access to the bill.

4. What is your emergency contact number?

You can report any sudden technical snag, outage, or voice your complaint through our Toll Free number: 80077700

5. How can I reduce my electricity consumption?

One can begin by choosing energy-saving devices and switching off power appliances and tools when not in use. The Charter of Good Practices for Electricity Consumption, lists more ways to reduce energy consumption and bring down your bill.

6. There has been a sudden power outage. What should I do?

a. Check if others in your neighborhood too are facing an outage. If not, then check your electricity meter box for likely faults.

B. Check if the main connection switch has tripped into ‘OFF’ position. If yes, immediately switch off all electrical appliances and fixtures in the house and try to shift the switch back into ‘ON’ position to restore supply.

C. If the main connection switch is ‘ON’, if your neighbors too are experiencing a power outage or if you find no apparent reason for the outage, your area could be facing a problem in power supply.

D. Please call on 80077700 to report the problem. Lose no time in contacting us on this number especially if you are a customer with special needs who uses life saving devices.

E. In case of an outage during night, keep a torch at hand for safety.

7. How can I register a complaint?

The subscriber should fill out the Complaints Form and submit it at the nearest customer services center, or call us on 80077700. There are four stages of complaint redressal.
Stage 1: Call your service provider

Call us to report your complaint and we will promptly attend to it and respond within 10 working days. Response time in exceptional cases may take up to 30 business days.

Stage 2: Contact the Customer Service Manager

Inform us in case your complaint has not been addressed to your satisfaction. We will raise it with the Customer Service Manager and respond to you within 40 working days from the date of receiving the original complaint.

Stage 3: Transferring the matter to the Regulator

Still not satisfied? You can refer your complaint to the Authority for Public Services Regulation, which has the legal authority to investigate your complaint and arrive at a decision. You may directly contact the Authority for more advice on this process.
Stage 4: Legal recourse

If you are dissatisfied with the Authority for Public Services Regulation’s decision on your complaint, you have the right to appeal against it in court under stipulations of the Sector Law (Article 125).

8. How do I request for a meter check? What are the possible outcomes of such an inspection?

Nama Dhofar Services Company will carry out an inspection once the subscriber submits a duly filled meter inspection request form at any of the service centers along with an inspection fee of OMR10.

A meter inspection could have to main outcomes:

1. The meter is functioning perfectly. In such a case, the inspection fee of OMR10 will not be refunded.


2: The meter is defective due to reasons not attributable to the subscriber. In this case, Nama Dhofar Services Company will replace the meter free of charge and also refund the OMR10 inspection fee.

9. How can I get the location of the meter changed?

To request a change of meter location, please fill out the designated application form and submit it any of the company's customer service centres along with the last electricity bill paid. The Customer Service Manager will study and approve the request, following which the subscriber will be charged OMR15 for the service. This fee can be paid at any customer service center.

10. How do I find a reliable electrician for home electricity connection?

The subscriber must ensure that the electrician is licensed by the Distribution Code Review Panel (DCRP).

1. How can I apply for a water meter connection?

You can submit a water connection application by visiting the Water Customer Services offices during business hours from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

2. What are the documents required to apply for the water service connection?

The required documents include the building approved drawings, title deed (proof of ownership), a no objection letter from the Municipality and a copy of the ID card.

3. How can I collect my bill?

You can collect the water bills from the nearest branch of our agents “Oman National Engineering and Investment Company” (ONEIC) or by using ONEIC mobile application.

4. In an emergency, whom should I contact?

In the event of any emergency failure or interruption of water service, please call: 80077700 or 23273500

5. How can I apply for water service via water tankers?

You can submit a water tanker service application for residential areas in the Wilayat of Salalah that do not have water networks by visiting the Customer Services offices during working hours from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

6. What are the documents required to apply for the delivery of water service via tankers?

The required documents include the building approved drawing, the title deed (proof of ownership), a building completion certificate from the Municipality, and a copy of the ID card.

7. How to submit complaints?

The subscriber should fill out the subscriber complaint form and submit it to the Water Customer Services Office.

8. How can I apply for a meter inspection?

The subscriber must first complete the meter test application form and submit it to the Water Customer Services Office. After submitting the application, the customer shall pay RO 10 as meter inspection fees if the meter size ranges from 15 mm (½ inch) to 25 mm (one inch) diameter and RO 30 Omani for the meter diameter is more than one inch.

There are two possible results after the examination:
- If the meter is working properly, the fee paid cannot be reimbursed;
- If there is a defect in the meter due to a reason not attributable to the subscriber, and then the fees paid by the subscriber will be reimbursed.

1. What is treated water?

Treated water is wastewater that is treated using the latest modern treatment methods to meet drinking water quality standards.

2. What are the uses of treated water?

Treated or recycled water is used worldwide in many areas including equipment cooling in industry, construction, contracting, landscaping, washing vehicles, road and rooftop farming, and to irrigation. Globally, the demand for treated water in construction and contracting is increasing as urban areas expand. Here, it used for building purposes and for mixing cement.

Treated water can be used as drinking water if filtered thoroughly and boiled before consumption. However, while the quality of treated water may be good, it is not recommended for drinking, bathing, or any other unauthorized uses.

3. Is treated water safe for use?

Wastewater in the Raysut treatment plant undergoes several chemical and biological stages to achieve the required purity. Laboratory tests are carried out around the clock to ensure that its quality meets environmental requirements and international standards.

4. How can treated water be saved?

Salalah Sanitary Drainage Services Company (S.A.O.C) provides the required connections from underground supply wells to consumer buildings in case large quantities of treated water are desired for long periods.

Those requiring smaller quantities of treated water are supplied through recharge points inside the treatment plant and the main pumping station.

5. What is the cost of treated water?

Treated water is sold at competitive prices. The price is determined by the quantity and duration of supply.

6.Are there any restrictions on supply of treated water to consumers?

Salalah Sanitary Drainage Services Company guarantees provision of treated water to consumers on a daily basis, except in very exceptional circumstances like natural disasters or during comprehensive treatment plant and networks maintenance. In such cases could result in a maximum delay of two days.

Frequently Asked Questions