Special Needs Customer

We appreciate that it is essential to have a constant electricity supply if you rely on certain types of medical support equipment, If you or anyone in your home is chronically sick, disabled or of pensionable age. It may be necessary to temporarily cut off your supply to carry out essential work and we guarantee that we will tell you beforehand if this needs to be done. So we can offer you the best possible service, we are compiling a register of customers who have special needs. This register will help our representatives know about any special circumstances or needs you may have. We will also need to inform our agents and other electricity distribution and supply companies so that they are aware of your special needs. In addition, we may, in certain circumstances contact the appropriate agencies, such as social services, in relation to the supply of electricity.

If so, please fill in the application form or please contact us on 80077700 to report the problem. You can also add the name of anyone else in your home who might find our services helpful.

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