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Ali Issa Shamas

Ali Issa Shamas


At Nama Dhofar Services Company, we recognize the responsibility of meeting the steady increase in demand for electricity, water and wastewater while maintaining high quality and service standards. The primary objective of the power, water and wastewater sector is to provide such services in an economically efficient and sustainable manner to maximise net benefits to Dhofar and its residents.

To keep up with the increase in the demand from the industrial, commercial, and tourism sectors, as well as the growth in infrastructure projects, we have pledged to equip our area of operation with a robust network as well as high quality services to keep ourselves available to our customers when they need us most.

We are firmly aligned with national plans for the development of the electricity, water and wastewater sector which will guarantee quality, safety and sustainability through a highly skilled team of specialists. Alongside this plan, we are committed to maintaining the beauty of Dhofar and have launched several initiatives that give back to the community and to the environment.

Nama Dhofar Services Company is committed to providing the best services to our customers without adverse impact on the environment.

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