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The wastewater network in Salalah covers more than 900 km and the percentage of coverage according to the concession area in Salalah city is 90%. According to the updated plans and new introduced areas, 70% coverage has been achieved and the company aims as per the plans to cover 95% of the city by 2025

Introduction to wastewater services

Main services

Type of service Documents required Remarks
PRIMARY SERVICES Connecting properties to tde wastewater network. 1. Property Krooki
2. ID card or passport
3. Water bills for tde said property for any montd.
4. Sale deed (if tde ownership of tde property has been transferred)
* Water bills are required for existing properties tdat are connected to wastewater as well as tdose not connected but close to tde network. Account numbers must be obtained for water bills of tdat property. tdese account numbers are used as a reference to search for tde application, amend it, or add it to tde subscriber's account.

* Copies of subscriber’s ID card or passport must be submitted in case tde property has more tdan one owner.
* A copy of tde ID card or passport must be submitted according to what is registered in tde Power of Attorney. It is preferable to carry tde ID card and passport of tde original property owner, if any, in case tdere is a power of attorney to follow up tde application.
SECONDARY SERVICESConnecting properties outside the project scope that do not have a wastewater network, and proposals to build a wastewater manhole for such properties. 1- Property Krooki
2- ID card or passport
3- Sale deed (if the ownership of the property has been transferred)

Approving requests for new water meters or applications for additional water meters: -

Documents required for requesting additional water metersDocuments required for requesting new water meters
1- Application form (To be approved by the Connection Department, the Subscriber Account Department and Network Department)
2- Krooki
3- Title deed
4- ID card or passport
1- Application form (To be approved by the Connection Department, the Subscriber Account Department and Network Department)
2- Krooki
3- Title deed
4- ID card or passport

Application for removals, visits and requests pertaining to manholes

Type of applicationDocuments required Remarks
1- Request to remove wastewater line/ optic fibre cables
2- Request to remove ventilation pipes

Request for a visit

Applications for raising or lowering manhole levels. This request is addressed following an application from the subscriber and with notice of the transaction from the subscribers services system.
1- Title deed
2- Krooki
3- ID card or passport
4- Water bills of the property
5- Service form from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning (mandatory)
*The property owner or his duly-authorized agent must remain present in person to sign the application.
While attending to requests to remove drainage lines, the applicant will be informed of the estimated cost involved.
Processing this request and implementing it may take three months after paying the cost .
The estimated costs for removing drainage lines are just initial estimations. The applicant will be also informed of the actual costs.
The Company may reject the application if there are hindrances – as advised by the relevant department.

* Obtaining extensions in the area of the property without the Company’s approval may result in placing the wastewater hatch or wastewater lines inside the property, which makes it difficult for the company to maintain the wastewater hatch and carry out repairs when needed. The property owner must visit the company about the need for displacement, as was previously agreed upon under the umbrella of the legal provisions.
* The property owner shall pay the estimated cost before and actual cost after the displacement.

Documents required while applying for a new connectionDocuments required while applying for additional connection Remarks
1- Mulkiya
2- Krooki
3- ID card or passport
1- Mulkiya
2- Krooki
3- ID card or passport
4- Water bills issued for the property account
*In case there is a basement in the property, the owner should be present in person to sign an undertaking.
*Failure to report a basement at the time of filling up the form may result in rejecting the application. In such case, the owner will be required to wait another two months and be present in person to sign the undertaking.
Application fees
- Residential properties: RO50
- Residential and Industrial properties: Estimated cost will be determined following site visit.
- Residential properties will be connected in not more than two months from the date of sending the application to the contractor.
- The property owner may face legal consequences for connecting the property without informing the company.

5-Complaint Form:

A customer has the right to submit an official complaint to the Customer Service Team by visiting the company's headquarters and filling out the designated form. The concerned team will study the complaint and respond to it as soon as possible. Copies of the following documents must be submitted along with the complaint: -
* Krooki
* ID card or passport
* Water bills issued for the property (if the property has water meters)
The customer may also call the emergency drainage services helpline number (23211311).

6- Request for closing the wastewater connection.

In case the owner of a building wants to demolish and re-construct the building, the property owner must personally visit the Customer Service Department with the following documents: -
* ID card or passport
* Water bills in the accounts in the property (if the property has water meters)
* Demolition license form
* Demolition procedure papers
After submission of this application, the wastewater connection will be closed under the company’s supervision and the wastewater charges are suspended until construction of the new building is completed. To reconnect the building to the wastewater network, the property owner must inform the Customer Service Department in person of his request.
The company will once again send an assessment team from the networks department before the reconnection is formalized.
Important Notes:
• The property owner must pay the reconnection fees in case the connection is damaged, as per what is stated in in the connection requests.
• The subscriber must cooperate with the company and provide clear, valid and complete documents in order for the application to be completed efficiently and accurately.

Wastewater services

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