How do I avail the Electricity Subsidy?

Omani Nationals interested in availing of the Electricity Subsidy can register on the NSS. Visit or download the NSS Mobile Application, to register. For more information about NSS, you can follow the National Subsidy System account on the Twitter platform: @nationalsubsidy

What are the Eligibility criteria set to avail of the Electricity Subsidy?

Eligibility of subsidy is achieved by aligning with both the number of Household Members and the total Monthly Income of the Household, according to the table below:

Household Monthly Income Household Members Eligibility
Less than or equal to OMR 500Any numberEligible
Less than or equal to OMR 7505 or moreEligible
Less than or equal to OMR 10007 or moreEligible
Less than or equal to OMR 12509 or moreEligible
More than OMR 1250Any numberNot Eligible

Whom should I contact if I have queries concerning the Electricity Subsidy?

If you have any questions about registering in the Electricity Subsidy, you can contact the National Support System through the following channels:

call center: 24174000
Mobile Application The National Support System
National Subsidy System