​​​​Asset Management Policy

DPC’s assets, defined in this policy shall be controlled with the use of a structured AMS framework that:

  • complies with all applicable legislation, statutory, regulatory requirements and EHC group AM policy.
  • The policy is aligned to support corporate business objectives through the creation and application Asset Management (AM) Objectives and AM Plans as defined within the 'Strategic Asset Management Plan' (SAMP – DPC-AMD-02-04.4-002).
  • The policy also adopts condition and performance based evaluations of DPC’s assets and considers their complete lifecycle to develop AM plans, which are sustainable, efficient and based upon an optimised consideration of cost, risk and performance.
  • It integrates with and compliments the company’s other Key Area policies and systems.
  • The policy is aligned with the HSE System which is established in-line with (OHSAS18001 and ISO14001) standards.
  • It tracks delivery of our asset management objectives and targets and reviews the achievement of their intended benefits.
  • It builds internal asset management capability through a continued focus on developing asset management competencies and it shall monitor, measure and evaluate its processes and AM plans in accordance with 'Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation' document (DPC-AMD-02-09.1-001) to ensure continually improvement of the AMS, by establishing effective asset performance management including asset condition monitoring, asset condition assessment and asset failure investigation;
  • Through the optimisation of risk-based AM Plans and the establishment of effective asset information management, including a detailed survey of the network, DPC will ensure a safe, reliable, efficient and effective network.
  • To monitor the meter strategy and process and to ensure it is in-line with the corporate objectives.



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