- If you wish to have a consumer association with us, please provide all the details in the form so that we can initiate your new connection 
- Provide your area type i.e. if you are putting up in Rural or Urban location 
- Provide correct Mobile Number and E-mail address, this will help us in get in touch with you 
- To authenticate your request, we encourage you to share a valid ID number with us
- Make sure you upload all the supporting documents which will help us authenticate your request 
- Please note, if the desired load for the connection is more than 2.5MW we request you to visit the customer service office to make your 
- Once you have submitted all the details successfully, you will receive a request number, we recommend that you should keep the Request 
        Number handy whenever you are interacting with us​​​​​.


​- If you wish to avail an employment opportunity with us, make sure you provide all the employment related details on our Job Portal 
- Search relevant opening for yourself on the Careers@DPC section and click on Apply Now button to apply for the job 
- Make sure that the position you are applying for best suites your qualification
- You can provide as much details as you can for the all the certifications you have done
- Make sure you provide us with the correct information of your education and employment 
- Upload your resume and covering letter to know you the best 
- Once you have submitted the details our HR team will review your candidature and contact you if your candidature suites our requirements 

- We at DPC are strongly driven by our values and policies which encourage us to be honest towards our work and consumers. At any point in
        time while interacting with any of us representative of any grade, if you have observed any kind of dishonest behaviour we encourage you to
        share the same with us using the Whistle Blower form 
- You can choose to be anonymous while you submit this information to us, however we suggest you to provide our details with us, as they 
        will help us address the matter effectively. Provide your details in the Reporter’s Contact Information 
- Provide all the details of the Suspect in the Suspect Information section of the form, this is the mandatory information to be filled on the
        form. Make sure you provide this correctly as this will help us identify the wrong doer in the DPC 
- Provide all the details of any person from DPC who has witnessed the wrong doing or who was present at the situation in the Witness
        Information section of the form, this is the mandatory information to be filled on the form. Make sure you provide this correctly as this will 
        help us verify the wrong doers’ activity in detail from the witness.
- Provide all the details of the unethical behaviour of the suspect in Complaints section. Make sure you describe the complete scenario so that
        we can take adequate action on the same.​​​​​​​​
If you are having an existing association with us, you can create service request to achieve any of the following
- Change your information – select the Change in Customer Information option from the Type of Service dropdown. Using this option, you 
        can change your registered Name, Mobile, Tariff or E-mail id. 
- Claim compensation – select the Claim for Compensation option from the Type of Service dropdown to submit a request for claiming
- Shifting meter – select the Meter Shifting option from the Type of Service dropdown to raise a request to shift your meter from one location 
        to other. 
- Meter Test – if you feel that your meter is not functioning correctly and want it to be tested, select the Meter Test option from the Type of 
        Service dropdown to raise meter test request.
- Special Needs Registration – if you have any special need which is preventing you to use our services efficiently, we recommend you to
        provide us with the details of the special needs. We at DPC are motivated to help you in all your special needs and will be happy to render 
        our help as much as we can. Use the Special Needs Registration option from the Type of Service dropdown to initiate the registration 
-Complaints – if you have any complaints about our services, please let us know the same using the Complaints option from the 
        Type of Service dropdown. 
- For any of the service request you initiate make sure you provide us with accurate account number and name. these help us identifying you
        in our systems. 
- We encourage you to provide all the supporting documents for any request you raising with us. The documents help us sort your request 
- Once you have provided all the details and have submitted the request you will be notified with a unique service request number, keep the 
         unique number handy whenever you are interacting with our Customer Service Representatives.​​​​​​​​​​​​
​- With the Bill Calculator module at our website you can find exact consumption and bill amount for the specific time period selected
- Depending on your connection type and the reading provided we will do the calculation and shall provide you with the total bill amount for 
        the selected time period
- The field, Current Meter Reading depicts the current recorded meter reading, depending on your meter type it should vary from 4 digits to 7 
- Note that maximum number days for which bull calculation can be done on the website is 22.​​​
​- If you have an existing connection with us, you can use this use this form to Update your address details with us 
- Provide what kind of association you are having with us i.e. if you have a Residential connection or Corporate connection with us 
- Provide make sure you provide correct Connection Number. The connection number helps us identify you in our systems 
- Provide complete details of the New Address in the designated field for New Address in the from 
- Add relevant documents like Krooki copy of the new address, this will help us validate your request

​- To help us decide your exact connection requirements you have to fill the Connection Feasibility Analysis form
- If you wish to have a new connection and want us to do the feasibility analysis, select the New option in the Request Type
- If you have a connection and wish to change modify the connection type, select the Modification option in the Request Type
- If you wish to have a temporary connection for a specific time period, select the Temporary option in the Request Type
- Once you have selected the desired Request Type, based on the same fill in the Load details. We highly recommend you to provide exact 
        load details so that we will be able to provide you with apt solution
- Provide exact Krooki Number, Mulkiya Number, Are​a type as it helps us to categorize the request
- Make sure you upload all the supported documents correctly so that we can verify the authenticity of your request
- Make sure correct Mobile Number & E-mail Address so that our customer service representative can connect with you 
- Once you have successfully submitted all the details, keep the Request Number with you for all the future communications with us

-      Using the Submit Meter Reading form you can submit meter reading for a day when the last meter reading has been noted by you. 
-      While you submit the met er reading to us it we advise you that you should always keep the Account Number and Meter Number handy so 
        that correct information is submitted to us   
-      We recommend you to provide the correct Mobile Number so that our customer service representative can connect with you 
-      Once you have successfully submitted the meter reading, keep the Request Number with you for all the future communications with us. ​​​​​​